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Saturday, December 10, 2011


The Internet and social platforms such as second life, give one the opportunity to explore many things, but second life has that added option of building yourself an alter ego, a virtual persona with its own image, feelings, agenda and background story; it all depends on how invested you get on it.

We build our avatars to be the perfect image of that person we wish to be, we cannot be or we wish we will get to be or we used to be -this applies to SL twinks- and we tweak bits and pieces as we go along our second lives; something that also gets built up however is our ego, which I have come to learn for some people, needs to be stroked and pampered properly to get the desire effect, as if it were a penis.

Let's get a few things straight and get the message out there to the millions of second lifers, or social platform users with blogs, profiles, groups or whatever you want to call them. Keep it real, keep it simple, do things because you want to do them and have something to share with people, not to build up your sense of self importance or compensate for a somewhat socially challenged real life.

I joined second life and do most social networks for a simple reason, as of right now; I feel I have something to share, it gives me the chance to explore my talents and dabble on areas that would be impossible for me in real life or would take tremendous effort or a huge financial investment to get me somewhat started or to the point I am now in second life. If you need your ego stroked through appraisal or approval, you need therapy not the internet, so maybe getting a REAL social life would help you work on your issues.

I'll stick to having the one thing that needs stroking, stroked and I'll do that in the privacy of my bedroom with the hot guy I like.

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